The Recommended Path of Study


Lesson 1: Getting Comfortable | Hello World

This lesson gives you an introduction to the iOS development world, and allows you to get comfortable. By the end of this lesson, you will know what it takes to develop iOS applications. You will also have specific skills like setting up a project, running and debugging an application, adding transitions and segues, how to create subclasses and much more…

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Lesson 2: Passing Data between Scenes

This lesson covers a foundational iOS concept — passing data between scenes in an application. In the process, you will cover quite a bit of theory on the iOS architecture stack and beginning concepts of Objective-C programming. Also, you will learn some really practical skills like handling keyboards and setting properties of objects… You will have built two applications by the end of this lesson!

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Lesson 3: Static and Dynamic Table Views

In lesson 3, we will cover one of the most frequently used designs in iOS development — “the Table View.” The primary objective of this lesson is to teach you how to use Table Views. However, in the process, you will learn some fundamental iOS Development concepts such as delegation, providing a datasource, passing data with a segue, using navigation controllers, and more.

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Lesson 4: Introduction to Auto Layout

In this lesson, we will cover an important, but frequently ignored aspect of iOS development — using Auto Layout. By the end of this fourth lesson, you will have learned and practiced many of the features of Auto Layout for use with building your own responsive applications. We will construct different user interfaces to test different features of Auto Layout.

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Lesson 5: Introduction to Core Data

In this lesson, we are going to cover a useful, but sometimes poorly introduced aspect of iOS development — using Core Data. By the end of this fifth lesson, you will have a good understanding of the basic features of working with Core Data, and you will have implemented your first application that uses Core Data to save and retrieve data. Our application will be a simple contact database app that stores and retrieves contact information.

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Lesson 6: Summary of iOS Development for Beginners

This lesson is a summary of the previous 5 lessons that brings all of the teachings together with a final project application. Finishing this sixth lesson, you will have solidified an understanding of the basic features of iOS development, and the ability to build applications that pass data, populate table views, store and retrieve data, and more. You will be ready to move on to more advanced techniques and applications.

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